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Matarranz was founded as a textile business specialising in the sale of fabrics by the metre, as well as handkerchiefs, scarves, and shawls Over time it grew and diversified its core business into making household linen, until it arrived to where it is today: Europe’s leading home textile business.

Founded in 1911 by Ramiro Matarranz, it sold fabrics, suits, handkerchiefs and general textile products at its shop on Gerona street. The business expanded to other streets such as Gran Vía, Paseo de la Habana, and Serrano where, in 1941, they settled where it still stands today.


The philosophy and soul of Matarranz continues to be for quality values, customisation, tradition, and fair prices, always under the motto

“the customer is the heart of our business”


- 1911 -

It was founded by Matarranz as a company dedicated to the world of textiles, tailoring clothes for ladies, in particular cloth coats and jackets, and it quickly started to bring a little something to the world of fashion.

- 1940 -

It was in that year that the idea of becoming more specialised prevailed by focusing conclusively on household linen and becoming a leader in the production of these products in Spain and abroad.This idea became a success as we can now continue to see and appreciate Matarranz’s household linen; it is all thanks to Julio Matarranz.

- 1944 -

This was the year that the company went from being an individual business to becoming a trading company under the name “Matarranz y Cia S.R.C.” which still endures today under the registered trademark “Matarranz ropa de casa”.

- 1958 -

Matarranz purchased business premises ideally situated at 30 Serrano Street, opposite the mythical Colón Square.

- 1980 -

This began a new chapter for Matarranz, it was when the son of Don Julio Matarranz became the new Señor Matarranz and lead the company with a fresh spirit, although always maintaining the class and distinction for which Matarranz was so well known.

- 2016 -

In that year Matarranz had a desire to adapt to the new times and turned to new technology by adapting his digital presence with a new website. This website aside from reinforcing its brand presence from a design and communication perspective, it opened a new market channel for the company by introducing an “online shop” system which will allow it to offer the same quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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